To our knowledge, there are no reference materials or links that relate specifically to team supported divorce as we have conceptualized it.

What does exist, are reference materials and links related to collaborative divorce.

Collaborative Divorce Links

The use of an interdisciplinary team in a collaborative family law process is generally accredited to the work of Peggy Thompson and Nancy Ross.  (link to their website

The primary resource for collaborative divorce is the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, IACP.

Collaborative practice and collaborative divorce are often used interchangeably as if they were synonymous, but collaborative divorce is actually a subset of collaborative practice.  Collaborative practice is often used in divorce situations, but it can also be used in other family law matters such as estates. has links to numerous articles by lawyers, by coaches, and from the popular press.  This site is a key resource for anyone considering collaborative divorce.

Collaborative Divorce Books

By Karen Fagerstrom, Milton Kalish, A. Rodney Nurse, Nancy J. Ross, Peggy Thompson, Diana A. Wilde, Thomas W. Wolfrum

Publisher:  Brookwood Pub (September 1997)


Collaborative Divorce Articles

To get a personal sense of collaborative divorce, read the case examples in:

Divorce: Does it have to be destructive? By Nancy Ross, and;

Divorce the Collaborative Way, by Peggy Thompson.

For a concise explanation of this process, refer to Susan Gamache's article, Collaborative Separation and Divorce.

For a detailed explanation of this process, refer to Collaborative Divorce by Rodney Nurse and Peggy Thompson (undated).  (link not yet available)

The Honorable W. Ross Foote, of the 9th Judicial District Court, Alexandria, Louisiana, is a prominent advocate of collaborative divorce and he wrote Collaborative Divorce, (summer, 2003).  Judge Foot has other articles and information on the 9th Judicial District Court Louisiana's website.

Collaborative Divorce Videos:

Introduction to the Collaborative Divorce Alternative (link to ordering source)

Divorce-Collaborative Style (link to ordering source)

Collaborative Divorce, A Judge's Perspective (link to ordering source)