Parenting and relationships are challenging at the best of times.  During separation and divorce, parenting and relating to the other parent can be exceedingly difficult.

Coaching is a service that helps people through this challenging time.

A coach can provide:

  • insight into how separation and divorces typically proceed
  • information and referrals
  • reassurance and constructive feedback
  • a sounding board or a safe place to vent
  • personalized advice and suggestions

As part of the Collaborative Divorce process, Canadian Co-Parenting Centres offer Divorce Coaching.

While the details of a divorce coach's role will be tailored to meet the circumstances and the needs of each parent, the following general description from Susan Gamache's article Collaborative Separation and Divorce, provides some insight for those unfamiliar with the Collaborative Divorce process.

The Divorce Coaches

Each spouse can work with a divorce coach to provide a safety net for the difficult times that may be a part of the divorce and to develop the new co-parenting relationship. This process helps spouses to recognize the end of their marriage and to move on to create fulfilling lives post divorce. When children are involved, divorce coaches teach divorcing parents how to best protect themselves and their children from the risks associated with divorce in the present and to look to the future needs of their family. This work also includes assisting spouses to clarify how they feel and think about issues, improve communication about sensitive topics, and to develop a parenting plan.