Welcome Parents

While there is lots and lots of information available to parents in the libraries, at book stores, and over the Internet, it can be overwhelming, especially at a time when life is very demanding and a person's emotional resources are at a low.  

Connecting with an experienced professional to assist you and your family through this difficult time can be a great benefit.  We invite you to contact us and have one of our professionals cater to your needs and guide you through the process.

For those of you who like to do research on your own, we offer this website as a tool to make that easier.  To meet the detailed and specific needs of your family, we invite you to contact us and consult with one of our professionals. 

Two things in particular that we suggest that you investigate are collaborative divorce and co-parenting coordination.  Please use the menu above and various other links to learn about these two processes.  

Because there are three dimensions to the separation; emotional, financial, and legal, the multidisciplinary/team approach of collaborative divorce is highly recommended.

If you came to this site looking for mediation, coaching, or counselling, please consider co-parenting coordination.  While it is often considered to be an intervention for high-conflict parents, it can be a terrific resource for all families.  Compared to litigation in particular, co-parenting coordination will save you a lot of pain and heartache, and you will also save a lot of money.

Separation, and divorce if the parents are married, is usually a tremendously difficult transition for families to make.  There are two things that make that transition considerably more difficult.

  1. If one of the parents cuts off, stops spending time with the children, and isn't available to help raise them.
  2. If one parent tries to exclude the other parent from continuing to be involved in the children's lives and tries to undermine the other parent's relationship with the children.

The quality of children's relationships with their parents and other significant adults in their life, along with the amount of conflict between those parents and other significant adults, are perhaps the two most important factors influencing the social/emotional development of children.  The Canadian Co-Parenting Centres are committed to ensuring that children are given the opportunity to thrive through optimal relationships and minimal conflict.  Click here for a list of affiliated centres.

Click here for a general description of services provided by the Canadian Co-Parenting Centres.