Parenting coordination is grounded in the now common understanding that, except in very extreme circumstances, children benefit from having an ongoing relationship with both parents.  This benefit extends to ongoing relationships with other significant adults.

The objective is then to ensure that children are given the opportunity to thrive through optimal relationships and minimal conflict.

Note that optimal relationships and minimal conflict does not just mean optimal parent/child relationships and minimal conflict between parents.  Attention is also paid to the parent/parent relationship and other adult relationships, and attention is paid to any parent/child conflict, other-adult/child conflict, sibling conflict, and other adult/adult conflict.  In other words, the approach is very systemic and holistic.

baby with mom
The quality of children's relationships with their parents and other significant adults in their lives, along with the amount of conflict between those parents and other significant adults, are perhaps the two most important factors influencing their social/emotional development.