If you are an employer with more than 3 or 4 staff, there is a good chance that one or more of you staff will experience separation and divorce.  Either their own, or their parent's.

If you are an employer with a large number of staff, the impact of lost productivity could be very significant.

The stress of the situation alone can leave your employee tired and distracted, at the very least.  Depending on the level of conflict, these employees may be missing a lot of work because they are sick, have to meet with their lawyer, have to go to court, etc.

Using a co-parenting coordinator to reduce the conflict and help the family make the necessary transitions will result in those employees being:

  • more rested,
  • less distracted,
  • more secure about the present and optimistic about the future,
  • less likely to be absent, and
  • overall, much more productive.

In addition to those employees being more productive, they won't be a drag on the productivity of other staff.

What can you do as an employer?

Be aware of when any of your staff are having problems with their family, and if the issue is separation or divorce, ensure that they know about co-parenting coordination.

For businesses that have staff in locations where there is also a Canadian Co-Parenting Centre, please contact us about forming a relationship with your organization so that all of your staff can readily receive the information and services that they require.

If there is not a Canadian Co-Parenting Centre in your location, please still contact us.  Perhaps a relationship with your organization will be enough to initiate the creation of a new centre.