As a doctor, and as a human being, you care about the well-being of your clients.  You are also aware that may of the ailments that people present to you are related to stress.

Separation and divorce can be extremely stressful on all members of a family, and of course you are all to aware that if the stressors are not addressed, your healing interventions will be compromised.

Co-parenting coordination can effectively address the stressors and create an environment where your healing interventions can do what they are capable of doing.

To use a medical analogy, co-parenting coordination can be customized to fit a particular family and their unique situation.  For families with relatively low levels of conflict, co-parenting coordination can be like a tensor bandage, offering supportive services of education and referrals.  For moderate levels of conflict, co-parenting coordination can be like a splint, offering mediation in addition the education and referral services.  With high levels of conflict, co-parenting coordination can be like a cast.  The binding arbitration component can ensure that issues get decided, one way or another, when the parents remain in an impasse.  Apportioning of fees can constrain inappropriate behaviours that are increasing the conflict and damage to the family.  In very high conflict situations, co-parenting coordination that is court ordered can be like a cast with pins and screws in place, with a judge being the additional level of constraint.  Perhaps extremely high conflict situations, with addition of restraining orders would be like adding traction.

Like the medical analogy, the close supportive structure of the co-parenting coordination (tensor/splint/cast) is an important component at all the levels.

Imagine leaving a person to get around on a leg that is completely broken without any help.  Or, perhaps they'd be given a cane, or even crutches.  Many families going through separation and divorce are hopping around on one leg, perhaps with a cane or crutches, but without the supportive structure to allow natural healing to occur.

What can you do as a doctor?

Tell people about co-parenting coordination and suggest that it's something they should consider putting in place.

One very important reason that the Canadian Co-Parenting Centres was formed was because while there are private practitioners providing co-parenting coordination services, it is difficult for families to connect to them.

Some doctors might know of a co-parenting coordinator and able to make a referral, but many other do not.  Also, it is easier for professionals to make a referral to a community not-for-profit agency, rather than a private practitioner.

If there is a Canadian Co-Parenting Centre in your city/community, and you are willing to have some brochures in your reception or have them available to provide to clients, then please contact us and we'll gladly provide you with some.

If there is not a Canadian Co-Parenting Centre in your location, please still contact us.  At some point, a relationship with you and others will be enough to initiate the creation of a new centre.