The Canadian Co-Parenting Centres is a registered charitable organization. (Effective February 13, 2006, Business Number 82554 0743 RR0001)

The plight of families going through separation and divorce generally goes unnoticed by society, but the impact can be considerably more devastating than a fire, flood, accident, ... which often receive widespread attention and compassionate offers.

While large donations are greatly appreciated, an accumulation of small monthly donations will provide a reliable basis from which we can grow and assist more families, and the benefits will be far reaching.  Any assistance that you can provide will be greatly appreciated, and very prudently utilized.


If you are interested in making a donation, you can use one of the above links to do it, or you can contact us directly.  Debit card transactions can be done through, but to set it up for an automatic monthly contribution, a credit card currently has to be used.  If you're doing a one time donation with a credit card, is the preferred method, because they don't charge the agency any transaction fees.


Phone:  403-238-6063

Special Project: Temporary Urgent Transition Housing for Parents