Canadian Co-Parenting Centres are an affiliation of not-for-profit agencies that are committed to helping families get through the transition of separation and divorce with as little conflict as possible by providing customized services that are affordable and effective.

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Phone:  403-238-6063

Address:  #202, 4603 Varsity Drive N.W., Calgary, Alberta  T3A 2V7

Mission & Vision

While there are numerous not-for-profit agencies providing affordable counselling services to individuals, to couples, and to families struggling to stay together, there is generally a dearth of similar agencies serving the unique needs of families where the parents have chosen to separate and divorce.

And, while governments, generally through the courts, provide some services at no charge, or at an affordable rate, those services are not comprehensive, there is limited availability, and specific criteria leave many families unable to qualify.

The Canadian Co-Parenting Centres are committed to filling those gaps.  

Our Mission

The Canadian Co-Parenting Centres are committed to helping families get through the transition of separation and divorce with as little conflict as possible by providing customized services that are affordable and effective.


Our Goal

Our goal is to be as reputable as the Mayo Clinic, and as prolific as McDonald's restaurants.

We aim to provide services that not only rival what is available from private practitioners, but services that exceed them.  


Our Vision

Our vision is of a society with a fundamentally different approach to the process of separation and divorce.  The social norm will be to shift seamlessly from marriage counselling to a non-adversarial process for restructuring the family, such as parenting coordination or team supported divorce.  

Instead of spending thousands of dollars and years of their lives, embroiled in an adversarial legal process, families will grieve the loss and peacefully move forward.


While our primary purpose is to serve individual families, we have a broader purpose that includes:

  • to educate parents, various professionals, and the public at large about the alternatives to litigation and the tremendous benefits that they offer.
  • to interface with existing community agencies, government departments, distress lines, and public information services to ensure that no families fall through the cracks, unaware that interventions that will help them are available.
  • to foster the development of co-parenting coordination and team supported divorce by providing an information clearing house.
  • to provide practicum training opportunities for mediators, counsellors, co-parenting coordinators, and collaborative divorce professionals.
  • to provide an exemplary model for other agencies in Canada and for potential replication in other countries.

Board of Directors

We are currently looking for some exceptional and/or highly motivated people to be board members.  If you know of an experienced judge, lawyer, mental health professional, media professional, or business executive, who might be interested in this initiative, please have them contact us.

If you yourself want to be involved, even if you have no related qualifications or experience, please contact us as well.


Our current board is as follows:

President:  Brad James

Vice-president:  Carrie Burks

Secretary/Treasurer:  Eric Persson

General:  Sean Bodie

Our Volunteers

Canadian Co-Parenting Centres is blessed to have received assistance from the following talented and generous volunteers:

Alexis Magi - legal assistance with small claims action

Alheli Torres - supervision of parenting time

Andy An - enhancement of client management database interface

Arlana Guiler - website organization and navigational structure

Azita Afshamejat - supervision of parenting time

Brad James - board member

Carrie Burks - board member

Dana Nicole - website update

Diane Zordan - counselling, parenting coordination

Eric Persson - board member

Gene Grimm - marketing and graphic design

Joy Alonzo - assistance with clients and office administration

Julliane Twa - assistance with the development of accounting practices

Laurena Cellars - documentation review and parenting time supervision

Lurline Raposo - supervision of parenting time, counselling, parenting coordination

Margo Brown - board member

Mike Sullivan - assistance with upgrading the website

Monique Evans - review of website content and usability

Sean Bodie - board member

Susan Girard - documentation review and development

Tami Miller - review of website and brochures

Tayyaba Sharif - creation of a database for reference material

Thanks very much to each of you.