Who Are We?

Canadian Co-Parenting Centres is a registered charity that helps families get through the transition of separation and divorce with as little conflict as possible by providing specialized services that are affordable and effective.

Children deserve to receive the best from everyone. No matter how difficult a situation gets, we will persevere in helping to make their situations better.

"Over time, parental wars take a greater toll on a child's development than any other single factor in divorce"
(Garrity & Baris, 1994, p. 35)

Our Services

Since 2003 , we have helped pioneer the process of parenting coordination.

This is the primary service that we provide to people, and we strongly recommend that everyone put it in place, immediately. You wouldn't knowingly jeopardize your own well-being, let alone the well-being of your children.

Act now.Contact us today.

For a complete list of our services please visit our services page.

-My parents did it for me
-My parents did it for me (2)
-My parents did it for me (1)
-My parents did it for me (3)
-My parents did it for me (5)
They can leave you feeling like this for months or years, and cost tens of thousands of dollars to resolve.
Having a parenting coordination already i place can make an enormous difference
's in place to keep your children safe-
baby with mom

"Thank God, finally a solution." -16 year old seeking help for her parents

"Your presence helps me feel safe, and I am not letting go of this process."

"If a mere mortal could do that, that would be fantastic."

"Working with you got the most amount of productivity the two of us have seen through all the time and legal process."

Contact Us

Please fill out our online intake form (link), or send us an email using the form below, if you would like to get in touch with us.

Email: information@coparenting.ca

Phone: 403-238-6063

Address: #202, 4603 Varsity Drive N.W., Calgary, Alberta T3A 2V7 (by appointment only